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Installation Manual

GeolinQ Architecture

The installation manual describes the steps to install GeolinQ. De GeolinQ architecture is shown in figure below. GeolinQ runs a Java web application and connects to a SQL RDBMS for data stores. The end-user only requires a web browser on a workstation to accesses and use GeolinQ. 

GeolinQ is build in JAVA and is truly platform independent. As a result GeolinQ may be installated on a Windows servers, but on a Linux server as well. 

All data is stored on a SQL database by GeolinQ. GeolinQ supports the following four database platforms:

  • PostGress
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL server (On request)
  • MySQL (On request)

During the installation GeolinQ creates a schema on the SQL database where the GeolinQ related data is stored.

Installation steps

The following tables shows the installation steps:

  Interface Description
Step 1 Download GeolinQ Download GeolinQ from GeolinQ support portal
Step 2 Configure database Configure database (PostgreSQL or Oracle) for deployment of GeolinQ database schema
Step 3 Installation Apache Tomcat Install Apache Tomcat Java web server for runnign GeolinQ application
Step 4 Installation GeolinQ Deploy GeolinQ application war file on Apache Tomcat web server and GeolinQ schema on database
Step 5 Installation Task server Install and start GeolinQ Task server