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Course material

Module 1: GeolinQ concepts

This module provides an overview of the GeolinQ functionality and underlying concepts required to start working with the solution efficiently.

20230303 GeolinQ Concepts-NL.pdf (2Mb) (in Dutch)

Module 2: Point clouds and raster datasets

This module aims on data managers who import, model, integrate and export point clouds and raster datasets.

20230303 GeolinQ Puntenwolken en Rasters-NL.pdf (1.3Mb) (in Dutch)
Files point clouds and (12.5 Mb)

Module 3: Features

This module aims on data managers who import, edit, model, style and export feature datasets.

20230303 GeolinQ Features - NL.pdf (1.3Mb) (In Dutch) (464 Kb)
spoorlijn.sld (2.2 Kb)

Module 4: Distribution

This module aims on data managers who publish datasets to end-users using GIS application services, maps and web services.

20230303 GeolinQ Distributie - NL.pdf (894 Kb) (In Dutch)
LogoGISMarker160x80.png (9 Kb)
Netwerk.xml (39 Kb) (1.7 Kb)