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REST Service

GeolinQ offers a REST service to access data and data structures stored in GeolinQ. This section of the manual explains the structure and usage of the REST interface. The REST interface follows the structure of the GeolinQ application and as a result the REST service provides five interfaces to access the data and data structures in GeolinQ:

  Interface Description
1 datasources Interface to access the datasources in a GeolinQ tenant
2 classes Interface to access the class definitions in GeolinQ for a datasource
3 attributes Interface to access the attributes in GeolinQ for a class definition
4 datasets Interface to access the datasets in GeolinQ for a datasource
5 content Interface to retrieve the content of a dataset in GeolinQ

The datasources interface provides access to the datasources where the user owns the appropriate permissions. The URI of the datasource allows the retrieve the class defintions and datasets of the datasource using respectively the classes and datasets interface.The attributes interface allows to retrieve the attributes of a class definition. The content interface allows to retrieve the content for a dataset. The content of datasets can retrieved directly in case the datasource URI and dataset are known on forehand.

The GeolinQ REST service supports two ouput formats: GeoJSON and the XML/GML format for the five interfaces. In order to simplify the implementation for client applications both formats using the same structure for the five interfaces. Each interface supports query parameters to specify an attribute query, the order and number of objects returned or the coordinate system of the objects returned.

The configuration of the REST service for an existing tenant is fairly simple by adding a REST service. The authorisation follows the authorization structure of GeolinQ. As a result the data stored in GeolinQ is protected in the same manner as in the application for unauthorized access.

Finally an online demo is available to allow developers to test their client implementation without having an GeolinQ license at their disposal. The online demo is also used for examples to illustrate the operation of the REST service.